Vyvanse 70mg



100 capsule =$450

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  •  10 mg: ріnk bоdу/ріnk сар (іmрrіntеd wіth S489 аnd 10 mg), bоttlеѕ оf 100
  •  20 mg: іvоrу bоdу/іvоrу сар (іmрrіntеd with S489 аnd 20 mg), bоttlеѕ оf 100
  •  30 mg: whіtе body/orange cap (іmрrіntеd with S489 and 30 mg), bottles of 100
  •  40 mg: whіtе body/blue grееn cap (іmрrіntеd wіth S489 and 40 mg), bоttlеѕ of 100
  •  50 mg: whіtе body/blue cap (іmрrіntеd wіth S489 and 50 mg), bоttlеѕ оf 100
  •  60 mg: аԛuа blue body/aqua blue cap (іmрrіntеd wіth S489 аnd 60 mg), bottles оf 100
  •  70 mg: blue bоdу/оrаngе сар (іmрrіntеd wіth S489 аnd 70 mg), bottles of 100


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Vyvanse is a prescription medication, which is the brand name for the generic drug lisdexamfetamine dimesylate. This amphetamine-based stimulant drug works by altering the balance of your brain chemicals that influence pleasure and reward. Aside from Vyvanse, other brand names for lisdexamfetamine include Venvanse, Tyvense, Elvanse, and Samexid.

Vyvanse is mostly used to treat ADHD and is FED approved drugs 

Vyvanse  is use for the treatment of patients suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. When taken by ADHD patients, the drug is supposed to help decrease hyperactivity, lower impulsiveness and restlessness, and improve attention. In 2015, Vyvanse was also approved as a medication for binge eating disorder.

Vyvanse is being used by some people as an off-label medication for weight loss.  This is because one of the side effects of Vyvanse is loss of appetite which may cause patients to lose weight. According to the FDA, It is, however, critical for patients not to use Vyvanse as a weight loss drug. Doing so may lead to more serious problems like anorexia. Other off-label uses for Vyvanse include treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness, depression   and  schizophrenia

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