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buy Clozapine online , clozapine is  sold under the brand name Clozaril among others, is an atypical antipsychotic medication. It is mainly used for schizophrenia that does not improve following the use of other antipsychotic medications. In those with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder it may decrease the rate of suicidal behavior.Clozapine is the only antipsychotic that decreases risk of suicide in schizophrenia.

Medical uses:

Clozapine is an atypical antipsychotic drug primarily used in people who are unresponsive to or intolerant to other antipsychotics.This means that they have failed to respond satisfactorily to at least two different antipsychotics. It may also be used for the treatment of psychosis secondary to Parkinson’s disease.

Clozapine is usually given by mouth in tablet or liquid form,however an unlicensed short-acting intramuscular injectable formulation is available. It is not a depot injection, and instead has a similar duration of action as clozapine by mouth. The injectable formulation may be used in highly agitated people with schizophrenia who consistently refuse clozapine by mouth, but are predicted to respond well to clozapine therapy, with the injection being administered with the intention of transitioning the person to oral clozapine.The injectable form is reportedly difficult to use due to painful administration, higher doses requiring injection into multiple sites simultaneously, and even more stringent monitoring than oral clozapine (with the additional difficulty of withdrawing blood samples for testing from agitated individuals).

The effect of clozapine, however, is not (at least in the short term) reflected in measures of global functioning such as ability to leave the hospital and maintain an occupation. The relapse rate is lower and patient acceptability is better.There is some evidence clozapine may reduce propensity for substance abuse in schizophrenic patients.

It may be better than other antipsychotics in people with both schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.



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